Kokua Sports Clinic

Lectures by Richard Condon

Richard has given lectures on all aspects of sport and fitness to leisure centre staff, sports teams, sports clubs and associations, and sports governing bodies.

The following lectures can be given at your premises or conference facilities can be arranged.

The Body In Action

  • How energy is produced
  • The body’s different energy systems
  • How the body is fuelled through diet
  • How the systems can be trained

Muscle Development

  • Their structure
  • How they work
  • Developing strength
  • Developing power
  • Different training techniques

Sports Injuries

  • Common injuries in sport
  • Reducing the risks of injury
  • Treating injuries

The Art of Running

  • The biomechanics of running
  • The body’s energy systems
  • How to get faster
  • Workout examples
  • Constructing a training plan